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The Story of Puppy Phat

The Way It Should Be

We made our first Doggy Step in 2008, thanks to a precious little Miniature Pinscher named Bambi, who could no longer get onto the bed or couch without assistance. My desire to help Bambi get his independance back led me to create our very first Doggy Step. Thanks Bambs!!

Our Doggy Steps are made with pure LOVE & attention to detail, which makes them stand out from the rest!! Our Doggy Steps are made from quality foam, which makes them:



◾Great for doggies with joint problems or injuries

You won't get hurt should you accidently kick them

Available in a variety of colours and sizes.

Custom Orders welcome!!

**Please note: Doggy Steps are currently made to order, please allow +-5 working days for your order to be completed.


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079 253 2666

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